How to upgrade my MockFlow account?

If you have signed up for MockFlow's free basic plan. You can upgrade your account anytime for more features. 

MockFlow provides pricing plans based on a requirement of users, from Wireframing to Enterprises. Each plan's cost and features have been fine-tuned for its target size.

SSL security feature is available in all MockFlow plans.

With the Wireframing plan, users have the ability to engage in UI brainstorming, as well as collaborate with their team through design meetings and integrations.

With the Product design plan, users can design the product with numerous product design tools with no restrictions.

Note - Advanced security features come under the yearly plan of Product Design.

For Enterprises, MockFlow offers advanced security, on-premise, and compliance features for large organizations to manage product at a large scale.

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To purchase a license, log in to your account and click the 'Upgrade Now' ribbon in the dashboard or simply visit Pricing.

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