Enterprise SSO Login - Okta identity provider

You should have an active MockFlow Enterprise license or annual TeamPack license to integrate Okta/SAML.
Also refer steps mentioned in the guide link published by Okta for MockFlow -  https://saml-doc.okta.com/SAML_Docs/How-to-Configure-SAML-2.0-for-MockFlow.html
Configuration steps in Okta

This section will explain the steps to add MockFlow to your organization's account in Okta.

If you have already included MockFlow as an application in your Okta account, you can skip to next section. 

1. Login to your organization's Okta account as an admin user.

2. Switch to "Admin" mode.

3. From the dashboard, click on "Applications".

4. Proceed to "Add Application".

5. In the search application field, type "MockFlow" to obtain the application and click the "Add" button.

6. In the Sign-On options tab click on "View Setup Instructions", which will provide you the following details. 

  • Sign-in URL
  • Issuer ID
  • X.509 Certificate

You will require these details to be entered in MockFlow's SSO configuration.

Configuration steps in MockFlow

1. Login to MockFlow as enterprise admin user.

2. Under "My Accounts", select the tab "SSO".

3. Click the toggle button to enable SSO.

4. Select the provider as "Okta".
5. Sign-in URL: Copy and paste the following
    [Okta:Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL]
6. Issuer Id: Copy and paste the following
    [Okta:Identity Provider Issuer]
7. X.509 Certificate: Copy and paste the following:
    [Okta:X.509 Certificate]
8. Click "Save"
Adding users to MockFlow
1. You can add the list of users to allow access into MockFlow in the same "My Accounts" panel.
2. Under the tab "User Licenses", enter the email of the users to provide them access.
3. You can also revoke the license when required.

After setup: On how to login with SSO in MockFlow

At https://mockflow.com, clicking the login button, shows the login dialog with Login with SSO button as shown below