Enterprise SSO - Login with any SSO Identity Provider (Auth0, Bitium...)


You should have an active MockFlow Enterprise license or annual TeamPack license to integrate MockFlow with any third party Identity Provider that supports SSO/SAML.

Steps to integrate:

MockFlow provides built-in connectors for Okta, Onelogin and Google SSO identity providers. In addition to this, Enterprise customers can connect to any third party SSO identity providers that supports SAML methodology such as Auth0, IBM Cloud identity, Bitium etc. by following the below steps:

Login to MockFlow as enterprise admin user, Click on profile image for menu

Under "My Accounts", select the tab "SSO".

Click the toggle button to enable SSO.

Select the provider as "Custom Identity Provider":
Copy the following details mentioned in the read-only fields that is required by the "Identity Provider" to create a connection:

I - Single Sign On URL (Authorization callback URL)
II - Audience URL (Allowed Origin)
III - Name ID Format - The Identity Provider should return the NameId format as an emailAddress.
IV - Few providers require to set "nameIdentifierProbes" which is "http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/ws/2005/05/identity/claims/emailaddress"
V - Attributes required by MockFlow are "firstName" and "lastName"
Use the above details to create new connection/application for MockFlow in your Identity Provider
From the Identity Provider, copy the following fields:
  • Sign-in URL
  • Issuer Id
  • X509 Certificate
Paste the above data in MockFlow, My Accounts -> SSO tab under corresponding label.

Press "Save" button to save all your entries.

Adding users to MockFlow

You can add the list of users to allow access into MockFlow in the same "My Accounts" panel.
Under the tab "User Licenses", enter the email of the users to provide them access.
You can also revoke the license when required.

After setup: On how to login with SSO in MockFlow

At  https://mockflow.com, clicking the login button, shows the login dialog with Login with SSO button as shown below

After sign in with SSO.