Refund policy

MockFlow is a freemium software, so we recommend you try the free Basic plan, which has no time limit before you purchase a license. The basic plan allows users to experience all the core features of our product.

If you require a trial of the full-featured version, please get in touch with

  1. If you choose NOT to renew your subscription, please cancel the subscription before the renewal date by following the steps in this article
Customers will receive several email notifications about their forthcoming renewals to their billing email address. (email given for invoice purposes). You can choose to cancel the subscription to prevent the renewal and avoid refunds.

  1. For any reason, if you missed to cancel the subscription before the renewal date, you must contact within 7 days of renewal. Note that this window applies ONLY for subscription renewals and not new ones.

After every billing, there will be a successful "Renewal" intimation email received at your billing email address.

  1. Refunds or Pro-rated Refunds won't be issued after this time period.

  1. Refunds or Pro-rated Refunds are not allowed for new subscriptions. However, it can be canceled from renewing.
We discourage refunds, as we have to bear additional charges for payback, and for the customer, it would take around two weeks for their refunds to appear based on their banking policy.

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