How to cancel a MockFlow license subscription ?

An active MockFlow subscription can be cancelled anytime from renewing again. Once cancelled, the license cannot be revoked and will automatically expire after its current period ends. 

1Open account settings and select the 'Subscriptions' tab. 


2Then click the 'Change' button next to subscription status. This will display a popup with two options. Select your preferred option whether to cancel a subscription temporarily or permanently. 


a) Pause subscription

Pause your subscription to stop your auto-renewals. All your billing details will be saved so that whenever you want to resume, you just need to click on Resume and your subscription will be re-activated. You won't be charged after this operation until you resume. 

b) Cancel subscription

Cancel your subscription to opt not to renew again. Your billing details will not be saved and if you want to reactivate your account anytime later, you need to purchase a new subscription.

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