Sharing your Design Space

Share your design space with your team to get everyone working together. Once you share the design space with your team, all the projects created inside the space will be automatically shared with them. Below, you can find the steps to share your design space and assign different roles for each member.

Open the design space and you can find the 'Share' option at the top right corner.

Click on the Share button or one of the profile icons to open the sharing sidebar. Here, you can add your team member's email addresses with whom you would like to share the design space.

Note that you can add multiple email addresses, separated by a comma.

After you type in the email address, you will see the option to choose the role for the user. There are 3 role options available: Reviewer, Co-editor and Admin.

  • Reviewer: The user will be able to view all projects in the space, and also add feedback and export UI projects. 
  • Co-editor: The user will be able to create new projects in the space, and also edit, rename and sort other projects in this space.
  • Admin: The user will have full rights to this space, and can also share the space with other members. The admin user cannot delete or change ownership of this space.

Click on the desired role to add the member to the team with the set permissions.

Now you can see the new user in the shared members' list. The assigned role is displayed to the right and can be modified or removed anytime.

The user will receive an email notification to accept the invite to join your design space. The invite can be re-sent any time using the 'Resend invite' option.

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