Default Space

Default Space is the space for all your ungrouped UI Drawing projects. If you were using MockFlow before August 2021, you will find all your WireframePro projects inside the default space.

If you want to do only a quick UI Drawing or you do not want to create a design space yet, you can create a UI Drawing project inside the default space.


Open Default space and click on the 'Add' to get started.


There is a search box on the top, where you can type in the project name to find your project inside the default space. And, there's also an option to filter the projects by 'Owned', 'Shared', 'Public' and 'Locked' projects.


You can find all the project-related operations like - rename, duplicate, lock, delete, etc by clicking on the menu icon on the project. You also have an option 'Move to space', which can be used to move your UI Drawings in the default space to a designated design space that you created later.


Sharing a Project in Default Space

To share a UI drawing project in the default space, click on the 'Share' icon on the project thumbnail. This opens the Sharing sidebar, where you can find the list of the members the project is already shared with and you can also add members by typing in their email address in the 'Add members' box.


In the next step, you can choose the sharing permissions of the user by assigning them one of these roles - Reviewer, Co-editor and Admin.

  1. Reviewer: The user will be able to view, add feedback and export UI projects. 
  2. Co-editor: The user will be able to edit the project.
  3. Admin: The user will have full rights to the project, and can also share the project with other members. The admin user cannot delete this project.


The role assigned to a shared member can be updated any time later in the sharing sidebar.


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