Moving projects between spaces

Sometimes a project might be created under a wrong space. Or a project have to be moved to a different space due to re-organization or any other reason. This article explains on how to move a project which can be an UI drawing, powerup, design file or design embed from one space to another. 

Let's for example, consider an UI drawing project called 'Website' has to be moved from Space-A to Space-B.

Step 1: Go to Space-A and click the options menu of the project "Website"

Step 2: In the options menu, click 'Move to space' and select the destination space (Space-B) to which the project has to be moved.

Moving a project between spaces has certain constraints as given below:

  • Only UI Drawing projects can be moved to 'Default space'.
  • When an UI drawing project is moved to any other design space, it's associated 'Pin Powerup' projects and 'Pinned pages' will also be automatically moved along with it.
  • When an UI drawing project is moved to a default space. All it's associated 'pinned powerups' and 'pinned pages' will be removed since default space do not support pinned powerups and pages. However the powerups can be still accessed within the wireframe editor.
  • Also note when moving any project type between spaces, the sharing permissions will be updated as per its destination space.

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