Steps: Export to Google Adwords

Google AdWords - Ad Specs:

  • Zip file size should not be more than 150Kb
  • Avoid using inline links in the Ad
  • Create Ad dimensions based on a preset size 
  • Note: To make sure zip file stays below 150kb, use less images and use images optimized for best file size.

Step 1: Export Ad in BannerPro

Select 'Export to Google AdSense' Option while exporting the banner in BannerPro

Step 2:  Login to Google Adwords, create an Ad campaign ( or select an existing one), and upload your animated banner as an Image Ad

Step 3:  You can preview your animated banner and wait for approval from Google. Ads created with BannerPro are compatible with Google Adwords so this should not be a problem. In case of any such issue contact MockFlow support at We will be happy to help you :-)