Image management - Upload, edit or delete images

This article describes all features of image management in WireframePro
  1. Upload Image
  2. Delete Image
  3. Preview Image
  4. Edit Image

Upload Image

1Select 'upload' to browse the image.

2Select the image.

3Click on open to upload the image.


Delete Image

1Select the icon to delete the image from project.


Preview Image

1Select the icon to preview the image from project.


Edit Image using built-in image editor


1Select this icon to edit the image.


2Make image straight to vertical direction.

3Make image straight to horizontal direction.

4Changes image to grayscale mode.

5To sketch with pen tool over image.

6Crop image.

7Picks up the needed color from image.

8Revert the changes done to image.

9Save the changes.

10Can customise image zooming.

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