Search across multiple UI packs

Switching between different component packs while wireframing might become inconvenient sometimes especially when the user does not find all the required components in a single UI pack.  Also component search always works within the selected pack only and not globally across packs for performance reasons.

To overcome the above shortcomings, WireframePro provides a feature to bundle multiple UI packs into a single pack. For example you can combine 'Handdrawn components pack' and 'Handdrawn icons pack' into a single UI pack. You can follow the below procedure to create Merge UI pack  which is similar to creating custom component packs as described here -

1. Open Component Listing

2. Create new pack

3. Make it a merge UI pack by enabling the appropriate option

4. Open newly created merge UI pack

5. Select UI packs to include in this custom pack

5. Open custom merge pack to see merged components