Video Conferencing

How to activate Video Conferencing ?

Click on the team chat icon in the sidebar


The team chat window opens as an overlay on the editor. You can drag and position it anywhere in the editor.

It also shows the online status of the team members.

When you send a message, a notification is sent to all the team members - the online members will see a red bubble near the team chat icon and the offline members receive an email with an invite to join the team chat.

Members who do not wish to keep receiving notifications for the team chat can turn off the notifications using the do not disturb icon in the team chat window

On clicking the video chat icon in the team chat window, the video conferencing bar opens at the bottom of the page.

You can also turn off your video and audio using the respective icons.

Turn off the notifications using Do-not-Disturb mode
Exit video chat
Turn on / off your video
Turn on / off your audio
Turn on / off presentation mode
Toggle team chat window