How copy paste between wireframe projects?

Use Keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+C to Copy and Ctrl+V to Paste) to directly copy-paste wireframes between projects opened in different browser windows.

Note: Cross Project copy-paste works only when keyboard shortcuts are used.

This functionality works in all major browsers including Google Chrome, Safari, IE Edge, and also the Desktop app. But It does not work in Mozilla Firefox both in Windows and Mac due to browser limitations.

STEPSOn how to copy paste data from one wireframe project to another

1Open "Wireframe Project A" in browser 1 Window/tab.

2Open "Wireframe Project B" In the browser 2 window/tab.

3In "Project A", select the components or select all and Copy using the Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+C or Cmd+C).

4Now go to the "Project B" window and click anywhere inside the page to enable shortcuts.

5Paste the copied data onto the page using the Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+V or Cmd+V).

Note: Any data can be copied and pasted using this method that includes fonts, images, icons...

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