How to share projects in MockFlow

MockFlow being a cloud based software provides built-in sharing in all its apps. Generally projects in MockFlow can be shared in two ways. 

Private sharing 

Projects can be securely and privately shared with specific users.  With private sharing, users can be given permissions to edit the project / review the project / be an admin of the project. But the shared user should have atleast a free basic account at

Click on a project
In the sidebar, click on 'Add Member' button.
If already not in user listing type 'email' and press enter key
If already present in user listing just select the user
Click on 'Share' button

Public sharing or creating share links

Certain apps in MockFlow support generation of share URLs. Anybody (even non-MockFlow users) who knows the URL , can open and view the project. But cannot edit it. In case the project owner suspects the URL is in wrong hands or insecure, then the project owner can always change the URL of the project anytime or even opt to disable the share URL for that project

Click on a project
Click 'Create share link' to generate public url